Somehow, Fall Was Upon Us

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And I was changing just as much as the seasons were coming and going.

Stumble Upon … Tumblr

I like numbers.

But not in the way of, I like to do arithmetic problems all day every day, but to see stats that can tell a story. It’s a great to identify where my readers are coming from, how their finding me, and what topics they like to read about. So today when I was going over my 2013 WordPress figures, I revisited my stats from 2012. In March 2012, my Tumblr account drove large numbers to my blog as I announced my transition to WordPress.

I kind of chuckled as I was reading through my Tumblr pages earlier today. I was so poetic back then. And I find it quite remarkable to see the things I posted about. Songs that I was obsessed with, quotes I felt so close to, and photos of objects that I adored. Here’s a preview of some of those captured stories/moments.

Screenshot 2014-01-12 19.17.15

Screenshot 2014-01-12 19.30.23

Screenshot 2014-01-12 19.25.16

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And it’s only fitting I capture my very first Tumblr post in May 2011. (See below).

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New Year, New Everything

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Happy-late New Years!

2014 has started off  sweeter than I could ever have imagined. It has the making for a great follow-up to a very blessed last-year. I could have saved this post for Thanksgiving, but what the hell I have so much to be thankful for. Wonderful health, beautiful friends, loving & supporting family, a handsome boyfriend, a job that I love, and a home by the ocean … oh, the list goes on!

So at mid-night before I got my  NYE kiss and declared my 2014 new years resolution, I thought, “how could I top 2013?” Especially, when I had done exactly what I wanted to do so far in my 24 years of life. You’d be surprised the answer came to me quite quickly and it was, “easy, you take it up a notch.”

Well here’s to taking it up a notch in the workplace, at home, and in my personal goals. Stay tuned to see just how far I will go.

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I Did It, Again

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Baby, it’s cold outside.

Throwback Thursday: Outside Lands 2013

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I think these photos can speak for themselves.

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What You Call, Home

Photo Aug 01, 8 30 24 PM_copy

Every day I experience something new in my hood. The other day it was a contemporary Mexican restaurant on 4th called, Mercado. In the beginning of summer it was the Twilight Concert Series at the Santa Monica Pier. And today, it was just the acknowledgment of hey, “I live here,” exactly as Carrie exclaimed on Sex and The City the movie (2:30). So, if you haven’t been to Southern California your missing out. And if you have never been to Santa Monica, well then you’ll never know what a real beach-city is like. This place is definitely one for the books!


Photo Aug 07, 12 04 11 PM_copy

Nothing says what kind of person you are than by the car you drive. So you can imagine the kick I get out of seeing other MINI’s on the road and purposely maneuvering my vehicle so I am driving directly behind or next to them, as if we were planning to execute the next Italian Job. And the other day I had an amazing MINI experience at my work, where I’m not the only MINI cooper driver. Unintentionally everyone at the Jefferson Palms parking lot parked next to each other. It was so noticeable that an employee in the building next door asked if the MINI cooper was our company car. And of course, I chuckled. Wouldn’t you?