PBAX, also known as Private Branch Automatic Exchange, is a telephone system that is used in many private enterprises. These systems alleviate the need to have a telephone operator since the operations are automatically handled by the system itself. If you think that investing on this system is too much for your small business, then here are some reasons that might convince you to reconsider your decision.
Increased productivity
The level of user productivity in this system is quite high. You do not have to waste your time with this system at all since it operates with a high level of efficiency. This system informs you about the identity, location and status of the caller which eliminates the need to gather these data. Therefore, you can get straight to the point without having to engage in unnecessary small talk.
Easy to change
When dealing with a machine, changes are easy to implement. Machines and systems can adapt to changes within seconds. This is not possible with humans. For instance, if you want the operator to change the opening message, it will take time for the person to get used to it. On the other hand, with this device all you need to do is record the message and install it to the system. This makes PABX installation an efficient solution for your company’s long-term run.
Cost-effective solution
If you have an ordinary telephone system, you not only have to include the electricity and telephone bill on the budget, you must also pay for the telephone operator too. In a world of technology, there is no need to employ telephone operators since such services are automated. You can combine information and voice through one system itself and thereby ensure that you do not spend more than you have to. Moreover, the PABX installation Dubai will not cost you much either. On the other hand, you will have to spend quite a bit on advertising and recruitment when hiring someone.
Easy to maintain
As mentioned before, this system is a long-term investment. Even if you think that it is too complicated for your small business, remember that you will get used to it with time. Once you become familiar with the system, it will be very easy to use and maintain. This results in a great level of operational efficiency.
Moreover, this system is not capable of making accidental errors. By reducing the number of mistakes made in your company, you can save a great deal of time and money and thereby increase the productivity of your company.