A baby shower is something that needs to be celebrated in a memorable and a beautiful manner. It is important that the mother of the baby feels special and therefore this event needs to be organized in an elegant and an enjoyable manner. Here are some tips on how you can make it happen.

Selecting a unique theme

A themed baby shower makes it more special and hence it should be chosen after taking into consideration various options. You can choose a character from a cartoon such as Winnie the Pooh or a movie such as minions. If you are already aware of the gender of the baby, you can choose a pink theme if it is a girl or blue if it a boy. Deciding the dress code can be done based on this and other items such as cups and plates can also be designed in a manner that matches the theme.

Designing the invitations

Invitations can be chosen from a variety of choices. At least 3 months prior to the baby shower, you should select or create a very unique card that it is not only eye-catching but also exceptional. The invitation can also carry the colours of a theme if you have decided any. You have the option of getting them printed from one of the good printing companies in a good quality in which you would not be disappointed.

Food and drinks

The first step is to decide on a suitable menu and this need to be done after determining the time at which the baby shower will be held. For instance, if it is in planned in the evening, most people choose to have a high tea, whereas if it is at night, you can arrange for a dinner. Take into account some of the best catering companies to choose the best out of them in order to make sure that you guests are satisfied with all food and drinks.

Fun games

In order to make the baby shower fun and less boring, you can arrange some active games of your own. A few examples are ‘creating a name out of the parent’s names’ or ‘dressing up a doll while blind folded’. It is also possible to make teams depending on the number of guests at the event. Winners can be gifted with simple gifts such as candy, a pen or a cute notebook which are not expensive.

Thus, planning your baby shower accordingly will make you remember this day as an unforgettable one.