Staying healthy when young and practicing good habits can ensure your long term health. Read below for several useful tips on what to do to stay healthy until you are a senior citizen:

Sleep Well

Without proper sleep each night, your overall health can suffer irreversible damages that you will feel as you get older. It’s “not cool” to get only 4 hours of sleep at night. You can always find a new job if the one you have now is too much, but lost sleep can never be gained back. Therefore, plan your day so you can get at least 7 hours of sleep each night.

Drink Milk

Milk is rich in calcium, a mineral we need throughout life to ensure healthy bones. Not consuming the daily requirement for calcium can make bones brittle, which can lead to conditions such as arthritis later in life.

Brush Your Teeth

Dental health is paramount to maintaining overall health. Brushing teeth is not just for good looks; it also helps keeps germs off your mouth. So find the best orthodontist in your area, and go for regular dental checkups. Your dentist can tell you if you are at risk for serious dental conditions such as infected gums or throat cancer.

Eat Green Vegetables

We need essential vitamins and minerals, most found in fresh green vegetables, to keep our skin smooth, eyesight great and hair growing. Neglecting to include green veggies in your diet will leave you vulnerable to early signs of ageing.

Exercise Regularly

Keep your muscles strong and excessive weight at bay by exercising on a regular basis. Try different types of exercises and continue to up the intensity and push yourself to make your body stronger.

See the Doctor Often

You will need regular health checkups to diagnose potentially life threatening conditions, such as cancer or kidney disease, as early as possible. Along with the best orthodontist in Dubai, find a general practitioner too to visit for monthly medical checkups.


Modern life is stressful and rarely anyone is ever not stressed. Too much stress can lead to harmful conditions. So, keep the stress at bay by meditating. It will not be easy at first, but sign up for a class to practice until you master the art.

Talk to Friends

Venting once in a while is essential to good health. Let go of the worries in life and feel relaxed by talking to friends you trust. Just talking on the phone is fine if you can’t meet in person.

Don’t neglect your health no matter how busy you are, or you will be sorry when you reach your forties.