The most common job titles are known to many around the globe and we can easily take a guess at the professions that are best paid such as lawyers and accountants. However, there are plenty odd jobs around that are not known to most people and it often comes as a shock when people find out that these unknown professions are also well paid. Here are 5 odd jobs that may have you considering a change in career or this is a great opportunity for those who are unemployed to make good money without attaining high qualifications.Industrial hygienists

Most people would not have heard of an industrial hygienist although the term dental hygienist may be a common term. These workers can be employed at their own firm or hired by firms in the industry and they provide services similar to maintenance companies as well. What is mainly done by these hygienists is to work at an industrial plant in order to develop and enforce health programs. This is to identify the potential health hazards in the workplace and to eliminate and control it. Some of the work done includes the collection of samples of gas and dust in order for it to be analyzed for health hazards. The ventilation as well as exhaust systems are also checked.

Scientists with regard to food

When it comes to the production of new foods, there are scientists who are actually involved in the process. They test the ingredients of the whole recipe to make sure it goes together and they are also involved in the growth of organic and inorganic food. They provide services similar to maintenance companies in Dubai to the food industry. They essentially maintain our supply of food.

Log grader and log scaler

The logging industry is a vast industry which accounts for millions and zillions of trees and their end products. Once the process of the cutting down of trees are done, the log graders and scalers come into the picture. There are various products that are made out of different types of wood and the trees that are cut down needs to be measured and graded before it is shipped out. Log graders and scalers use a range of mechanisms to measure the volume of the wood, to ensure that its grade meets the standard required and to check for any defects. They also need to make sure that the logs are cut up to the standard sizes required in order to minimize the wastage.