Most small businesses and companies start with very limited funds. Most entrepreneurs build their businesses from ground up; putting in a lot of their personal funds, time and energy. With time and patience, the business will grow and will find success. Once this happens, expansion of the business is inevitable.

Though the business expansion is a good thing in most ways, there’s one significant disadvantage as well—hiring additional people. Sure, companies hire people so that the work happens more smoothly, and so that the productivity can be increased as well. But there’s also the fact that having more people means there’s going to be more wastage as well. Here’s how to reduce workplace wastage.

Reduce the electricity wastage

Try to reduce the electricity wastage of your workplace by taking maximum use of the natural light. If your workplace uses shutter for the windows, then pull them open at least during the brighter parts of the day—even if it’s only for a few hours each day. if this is not really an option, consider replacing your bulbs (as they burn out) with LED lights. LED lights are definitely more environment friendly, and they are easy on the electricity bill as well.

Reduce the paper wastage

Paper wastage is common in offices. It’s quite natural for companies to spend a large part of their income on paper alone. If paper has to be used, then try recycling them whenever possible. Ask your employees to use both sides of the paper; this means making use of those “misprinted” paper as well. If possible, try to digitalized your files. It reduces the paper usage, and it will reduce storage issues as well.

Keeping the office neat

Apart from recycling in Dubai and reusing, one of the best ways to ensure that your employees aren’t wasting resources, is to maintain a neat office. It’s given that when people can’t find the thing they’ve already been using; they tend to use new things. This is mostly done with pens, pen drives, paper and disks. Ask your employees to clean their desk before they leave work. Cleaning out the desk every evening helps your employees with being motivated for work the next day as well.

Use reusable/refillable things at your work place

Don’t waste money on disposable things. If your office uses a lot of print materials, then you must be spending quite a lot of printer ink as well. Use refillable printer cartridges. If your company has a cafeteria, then use reusable dishware. Even if you don’t have a cafeteria, you might have a coffee machine in your office. In this case, you can use mugs instead of disposable cups.