If you are here on this article, then you probably have a fear of the dentist. This fear is quite common, in America alone 9 to 13% of people have a fear of dentists. So you are definitely not alone. The reason the fear exists could be due to a multitude of reasons. Sometimes it could be a fear of sharp instruments that led to your fear of the dentist. Other times it could have been due to a botched dental procedure or a lack of anesthetics when doing a procedure. In some cases people do not like to go the dentist because of how invasive the procedure is.

However regardless of the reason you should go to a dentist. Not just to any dentist but the best dentist with the best dental clinic in Dubai. If you go to a very good dentist, the dental procedures will never be botched and the sharp tool will be handled very carefully so you would not get hurt. However if you are still unwilling to get rid of the fear and visit the dentist then here are few reasons that would compel you to visit the dentist.

A small problem could become a bigger one.

If you have a cavity on your tooth and because of your fear of the dentist you do not go to get it filled, things can get worse. Overtime the cavity would deepen and could even reach the root of your tooth. At this point, you would feel an immense amount of pain that cannot be ignored anymore. You would have no other option but to visit a dentist and because the problem is sever he would have to either do a root filling- if you are lucky- or you would have to remove your entire tooth. Even the best dentist would not be able to save your tooth if it is too late.

You are rolling out a red carpet to welcome Gum disease or Oral cancer

If you thought losing a tooth is as bad as it can get, you were wrong. If you do not go to the dentist and have a regular check up on your teeth you are inviting trouble. If you bad dental care and then you refuse to visit the dentist, you are practically hurling yourself in front of a moving train. On the other hand even if you have good dental care but you are still unwilling to visit the dentist, you are practically standing in the middle of a highway. Maybe you’re lucky and you don’t get hit by a car however do you want to take the chance?

Sometimes big health problems can have symptoms that can be easily ignored. Loose teeth could be just assumed to be caused by lack of calcium or other nutrients however the real reason might be oral cancer. If you wait for the rest of the symptoms to arrive and then go to the best hospital to get help there won’t be anything they could do. On the other hand a dentist might have been able to recognize the problem earlier and get you help.

Therefore even if you have a fear of dentists, do try to visit them and get an examination done. It could help you in the future by giving you enough time to avoid bigger problems.